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5 Ways to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

The average workplace is much more than a place to earn money. Workplaces are also social centers for employees to interact with one another as well as customers. Sadly, most workers spend a considerable amount of time socializing, surfing the web, and using their smartphone while on the clock. Some employees lack engagement with their work. Others struggle to be productive in the workplace due to noise pollution from adjacent cubicles, network downtime, and myriad distractions. Let’s take a quick look at five ways to boost workplace productivity.

Encourage Higher-Ups to Delegate

Your company’s managers must be willing to delegate. There is no reason for company leaders to bear the burden of the majority of the work simply because they are more experienced, talented, and/or hardworking. Delegate tasks as appropriate and those beneath management level will have a chance to grow. More importantly, delegation ramps up business productivity. There is certainly a risk in trusting others to complete workplace tasks they have not handled before, yet such delegation allows those at the top to handle more challenging problems and ultimately become better managers.

Improve the Workplace Conditions

Workplace conditions are of the utmost importance in the context of worker productivity. Your team should be provided with a comfortable work environment. There should be plenty of windows, a consistent temperature between 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit, minimal noise pollution and plenty of space. Fail to provide your employees with such an environment and their productivity will stagnate or gradually decrease. Pay particularly close attention to the temperature in your building, as an overly-hot or overly-cold working space will make it difficult for your team to concentrate.

Engage in Positive Reinforcement

Provide employees with rewards such as raises when they exceed expectations. Such positive reinforcement will give your team something to shoot for. Provide ongoing constructive criticism along with positive reinforcement, as appropriate, and you will have successfully “gamified” your workplace. The gamification of the workplace is the wave of the future. As long as your employees understand they are competing for the positive reinforcement dangled by those at the top, productivity will gradually increase.

Invest in the Best Equipment

Outdated or malfunctioning machines and equipment put your company at a competitive disadvantage. Furthermore, employee productivity will decline if they are forced to use antiquated computer programs, hardware, equipment, or machines. Continue to upgrade your company’s machines and equipment and your team will have the tools necessary to maximize productivity.

Recruit “Rainmakers” who fit the Company Culture

Be careful when selecting new employees. The most productive businesses are highly selective during the hiring process. It is a mistake to hire an individual who will clash with the existing company culture. Restrict hires to over-achievers likely to assimilate to company culture right away and he or she will be welcomed with open arms. This cultural fit ultimately minimizes conflict between workers, maintains workplace civility, and ramps up productivity.

Stay the Course and Productivity Will Gradually Increase

The tips outlined above might not immediately enhance your company’s productivity. However, if you can get your workforce on board with these changes, results will manifest sooner rather than later. Even if everyone got on board with these productivity-boosting methods right away, it will still take some time for your operations to improve. Do not throw in the towel after a few weeks or even a few months if productivity has not dramatically increased. As long as you and your team are committed to these changes, an improvement in productivity should eventually follow.