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Virtus Payment
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Payment Services

Virtus Payment is Centered on Credit Card Payments
We have a wide range of other payment methods, including credit card payments, subscription payments, virtual payments, and overseas currency payments.

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    Virtual Terminal Payment

    What is Virtual Terminal Payment?

    Credit card payments can be accepted with the purchaser's credit card information received not only via the online shopping site but also via telephone or fax.

    It will be possible to sell not only on the Internet but also in other ways, which will lead to an opportunity to expand the service.

    Recommended for such industries

    • ・TV radio mail order
    • ・Delivery service etc.
  • 02

    Web Payment

    What is Web Payment?

    It is a credit card payment service that is performed on the WEB using a payment system. You can purchase products on the Internet using your credit card. We also accept credit card payments for billing content.

    Currently, credit card payment accounts for 80% of the payment methods of online shops, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is an essential function in online shops.

    Recommended for such industries

    • ・Net shop in general
    • ・Charges of smartphone application
  • 03

    Subscription Payment

    What is Subscription Payment?

    Subscription payment is a payment method that continuously collects fees from the purchaser at set intervals. Since the system can be installed regardless of face-to-face or non-face-to-face, it can be used for a wide range of monthly services.

    Recommended for such industries

    • ・Subscription service general
    • ・Cosmetics, regular purchase such as health food, etc.
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    Overseas Currency Payment

    What is Overseas Currency Payment?

    This is a method of making payments in foreign currencies locally without connecting to an overseas payment company. Sales proceeds will be deposited in Japanese Yen. You will be able to easily operate shops and services in foreign currencies for overseas markets.

    Recommended for such industries

    • ・Services with import, export
    • ・Excellent services with foreigners such as tourism
  • 05

    Smartphone Payment

    Coming soon...